April 15, 2015

  • Your garland will need bunny rabbits, of course.
  • Your wreath will need bunnies and a Happy Easter sign.
  • The lights on your roof would look really nice in blue and yellow. Good to put these around your doors and windows as well
  • Nativity Scene would be best with bunny rabbits and Easter Eggs.
  • Would add lights to light up this Nativity Scene for a nice touch.



  1. Aloha Guy!

    Love the Easter section that you added!
    Great picture:)

    Are you having fun with this site?

    Still trying to read your Valentine’s blog…what language is that?

    Lots of love,
    Aunt Gail & Uncle Bill

    • Guy Gabelich says:

      Aloha Aunt Gail – We are putting my words in for Valentine’s Day and Halloween. They were missed somehow, but my web person will fix this in next day or so. I am going to add more Holidays for April.

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