Independence Day

What is the Fourth of July?

Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July, marks the birth of America and the day the US secured independence from the British Empire.

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies of America, then at war with Britain, declared themselves to be states of a new nation.

National Best Friend’s Day

June 8th

This is really important.  If you can, spend time with your best friend — in person.  Or, on-line, virtually.  If you are meeting in person, consider going to a park, if the weather is nice.  Take a picnic of your favorite fun foods.   Hang out.   Listen to music. Remember your favorite times together.  Laugh.   Cry.  And make plans to get together again really soon.

National Potato Chips Day


March 14th

I love BBQ chips.  I suggest that you and your friends go to your local Subway to order your favorite sandwich.  My favorite is a 6 inch tuna, toasted, with American cheese, extra tomatoes, and light mayonnaise — that is it!  On this day, you must add potato chips.

National Chocolate and Raisin Day

March 24th

Oh, this excellent.  I tried to locate chocolate and raisin lights.  No luck!  What a great business opportunity for those of you interested in creating this unique decoration.   Go to your local food store.  Buy chocolate raisins, enough to share.   I would decorate you home or workplace.  Make a garland with your purchase, but don’t use all of them.  Save some to share with your friends.  I am sure you have many friends that will love this combination.  Enjoy!

National Brownie Day

December 8th

To celebrate this day u can grab your friends and go out and have a brownie for desert somewhere after dinner or u can make them at home with your family and to decorate for this holiday u can use lights that have brownies on them and u can use a garland that has brownies it and it Says Happy National Brownie day and can u use a yard sign in your yard that has a Brownie on it and it says Happy National Brownie day and u can get a banner that has brownies on it and it says Happy National Brownie day and can put up inside or outside the house and u can get a lighted window sign that has a brownie on it and it says Happy National Brownie Day and u put it in any window inside the house

Santa’s List Day


December 4th

So, this is a very unique day.  Santa’s elves have helped him make two lists.  One for those that have been nice, and one for those that have been naughty.  Which list are you on?  I suggest that you celebrate the Santa’s List Day, and I presume that you will be on the “Nice List.”  Create your own Nice List, and put this in your home or office.   I suggest having a pumpkin spice frappuccino with your friends and other Holiday treats while you compile your lists.



December 25th

This is a very special Holiday for many all over the world.  The decorations we use to celebrate this holiday are unique.  You will need a Christmas tree, and Christmas stockings.  As a unique touch to your own lighting preferences, try icicle lights.  My Holiday favorite meal for Christmas Eve is spaghetti with meatballs.  Red sauce, of course!   And, a warm eggnog is excellent while decorating, but for dinner, sparkling cider pairs well with spaghetti – I think!



December 24th

The Festival of Lights is a beautiful, Jewish tradition.  Amazing what a little lamp oil can do, and represent!  I suggest finding blue lights and a Menorah.  Consider lighting a candle over the 8 days of this celebration and giving a gift (small) to a friend on each day.   There are garlands with a Menorah at most Holiday Stores.

Cheap Air Fare day August 23rd

thToday is a day to  get your ticket to plan a vacation in the Fall so to celebrate this day u can online and get a discount on Ticket for a vacation in the Fall and to decorate for this day u can put a model airplane up on your walls in your house or in @ work and at school and  in a airport  so start planing your Fall trip today from your Holiday Website worker Guy Holiday Season.

National Grandparents Day


September 11th

Today, spend time with your grandparents.   If you don’t have grandparents, spend time with a good friend’s grandparents.  You might consider going to one of their favorite movies.   Or, stay home, make some excellent popcorn, and watch movies from when they were young.