National Pretzel Day


 April 26th

Did you know that the first Pretzels were modeled after children’s arms, folded in prayer?   I like Pretzels.   I favor bigger Pretzels, with a little more dough.  I like salt.  Nothing more.   On this day, invite friends to sample different types of Pretzels.   Maybe watch a movie together, and try different ways to eat Pretzels.



November 10th

Today we celebrate the birth of the United States Marine Corp day.  As you may know, this is the birthday of the USMC.  The actual birth was on November 10, 1775.  The Continental Congress of the newly formed United States of America authorized the creation of the Continental Marines.  The Marines have fought in every war, on behalf of the United States of America since then.  I recommend decorating your home and work place with the colors of the Marines.  Use black, red, and green.   If you know a current or former Marine, take them out, perhaps for coffee (my favorite place, as you know, is Starbucks).  Maybe treat them to a meal.  Thank them for stepping forward and protecting our country.

Eat a Read Apple Day

December 1st

I like apples.   They are good for you, and they are sweet.   I really like to combine my apple slices with peanut butter.   I suggest that you invite some friends over on this day.  Ask them to bring their favorite apple treats.  Share them.   Maybe take some time to visit an apple orchard so that you can do some apple picking.  Always fun!


National Go Caroling Day

December 20th

This is a really fun thing to do.   Everyone likes Christmas Carols.   Nothing better than going around with your friends, and singing Holiday Carols.   Be sure to practice before and then enjoy the experience.  After singing, I suggest you go to your favorite coffee place, so you can have a hot chocolate, cocoa, or apple cider.

National Card Playing Day

December 28th

Getting together with friends during the Holidays is always a good idea.  Invite them over, or have a friend host a night when you play cards.  Everyone has a favorite card game.   I really like Uno.  Guess Who? is another fun game.  This is like a memory game.  What is nice about playing cards is that you can socialize, perhaps share some leftovers from your Holiday celebrations, and just enjoy each other’s company.   My favorite treat to bring is a pumpkin pie.

National Homemade Bread Day

November 17th

I love bread, especially banana bread, because it is really good.   Bread has been around for 5 to 10 thousand years!  Until recently, bread was made at home.  This took a long time.  Most people now go to bakeries or the grocery store for bread.  With the use of breadmakers, more people are making bread at home again.   Today, I suggest you take the time to make bread at home, either with a breadmaker or the old fashioned way.   Invite your friends over for some fresh, home baked bread.  Ask them to bring their favorite toppings to share, and then just relax and enjoy each other’s company.


National Buy Nothing Day

November 24th

This is on the same day as Black Friday.   This day is a little bit of a protest day.  People that don’t want us to forget the true spirit of the Holiday Season created this day.  I use this day to decorate for Christmas.  If you celebrate the Holidays differently, put up decorations for your special Holiday.   Listen to Holiday music.  I like KOST 103.5 FM in Southern California.   I like to invite friends to help with the decorating.  Spend time with them.  That is what the Holidays bring, a sense of being together.

Stay at Home Because You are Well Day

November the 30th

Okay, this might be a little controversial.  I don’t want you to get in trouble, so be sure it is okay for you to call in “well” to work or school.   I suggest inviting over other “well” friends.  This is a great time to hang out, watch movies, and perhaps start your decorating process for the Holidays.  I like to get started early on my decorating.  Be smart.  Do a little Christmas shopping with your friends.

It’s My Party Day and National Emergency Nurses Day


October 11th

So, this is a combination day.   Of course, I like parties.  Celebrating with my friends is a favorite thing for me to do.   But I also feel that Emergency Nurses are pretty special and unique people.   Many of us have had to go to emergency rooms.  That isn’t fun, but we have been fortunate to receive excellent care from the nurses in these emergency rooms.  So, let’s remember them, by inviting them to your/my party.  At least bring them a treat.  Most like chocolate!  Bring both milk and dark chocolate so that everyone is going to be happy.


National Good Neighbor Day

September 28th

I am lucky to have really good neighbors.   I like to visit with them.   We watch movies.   I like to go out for dinner with my neighbors.   We have taken trips together.  I know that I will get together with them on Halloween.  Looking forward to that.  My suggestion is that you celebrate your friendships with your neighbors on this day.  Plan something, like watching a favorite movie, something everyone likes.   Have a potluck.  Take the time to enjoy each other.