Go For a Ride Day

November 22nd

As the Holidays approach, you are going to need to take some time to gather yourself, relax, and exercise a bit.  National Go For a Ride Day gives you that opportunity.   Of course, I like to visit a Starbuck’s.  I suggest that you gather up a few friends, who are also interested in going for a ride.  Maybe take a train to another town.  Not too far from me is downtown San Diego.  The trip is by the Pacific Ocean.   Great views.  Just take advantage of spending time with those you enjoy, doing something different.

Dia De Los Muertos

November 1st and 2nd

Traditionally, these are the days that Mexicans celebrate those that have died.  The mood is festive.  I suggest that you go to an area where there are Mexican shops.   Near me, there is the Arts District in downtown Santa Ana.  Take a few friends, and some family members.  Maybe indulge in some pan dulce and coffee, before shopping for decorations.   Decorations often include colored replicas (small) of human skulls.  Take these decorations to your home or work, and create a special area, with pictures of those that have died.  Use candles, and maybe leave a few treats.  Think about the good times that you had with your love ones.



November 10th

Today we celebrate the birth of the United States Marine Corp day.  As you may know, this is the birthday of the USMC.  The actual birth was on November 10, 1775.  The Continental Congress of the newly formed United States of America authorized the creation of the Continental Marines.  The Marines have fought in every war, on behalf of the United States of America since then.  I recommend decorating your home and work place with the colors of the Marines.  Use black, red, and green.   If you know a current or former Marine, take them out, perhaps for coffee (my favorite place, as you know, is Starbucks).  Maybe treat them to a meal.  Thank them for stepping forward and protecting our country.

National Homemade Bread Day

November 17th

I love bread, especially banana bread, because it is really good.   Bread has been around for 5 to 10 thousand years!  Until recently, bread was made at home.  This took a long time.  Most people now go to bakeries or the grocery store for bread.  With the use of breadmakers, more people are making bread at home again.   Today, I suggest you take the time to make bread at home, either with a breadmaker or the old fashioned way.   Invite your friends over for some fresh, home baked bread.  Ask them to bring their favorite toppings to share, and then just relax and enjoy each other’s company.


National Buy Nothing Day

November 24th

This is on the same day as Black Friday.   This day is a little bit of a protest day.  People that don’t want us to forget the true spirit of the Holiday Season created this day.  I use this day to decorate for Christmas.  If you celebrate the Holidays differently, put up decorations for your special Holiday.   Listen to Holiday music.  I like KOST 103.5 FM in Southern California.   I like to invite friends to help with the decorating.  Spend time with them.  That is what the Holidays bring, a sense of being together.

Stay at Home Because You are Well Day

November the 30th

Okay, this might be a little controversial.  I don’t want you to get in trouble, so be sure it is okay for you to call in “well” to work or school.   I suggest inviting over other “well” friends.  This is a great time to hang out, watch movies, and perhaps start your decorating process for the Holidays.  I like to get started early on my decorating.  Be smart.  Do a little Christmas shopping with your friends.

Pizza With The Works Except Anchovy Day

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November the 12th

Well, there is no shortage of pizza lights on the web for you:  http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=pizza+lights&tag=mh0b-20&index=aps&hvadid=3527184121&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_mretclz5e_e.  Check out the options.  You must decorate everywhere with your lights — all over your house.   Put them around your neck while you are reading, or studying.  Know that you are going to get hungry, so be sure to celebrate this day with your friends.  Go and get a pizza with the works — even include anchovy if that is what you like!

Origami Day

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November 11th

Origami represent peace.  It is no coincidence that this day co-occurs with Veterans’ Day.   Good idea!   I suggest that you learn how to fold Origami, and then string many together around your home, school, and workplace.  The feeling that comes from Origami is one of peace, which is good to share on this day.  Gratitude and peace.   Give one as a gift to your friends and even people you do not know.  Given one to a veteran, for sure.


Veteran’s Day

November 11

  • Bring out your 4th of July decorations, or you can get new decorations with soldiers and a toy jeep
  • Put the toy soldiers and their jeep on a garland wreath (I like wreaths!)
  • For an extra touch, make a Soldier Nativity scene for you fireplace
  • Be sure to say, “Thank you” to every one that has ever been in the military


November 26, 2015

  • Get your Turkey lights (Thrift store or Party City). Buy a lot in case you want to put them on the roof.  You don’t need as many if you want to hang them inside, like around a window, door, or fireplace.
  • You will need a wreathe, of course, and a sign with a Turkey that says, “Turkey In/Out.” Hand this outside of your front door.
  • You can get a Thanksgiving wind sock (often has a turkey on it), and even a Thanksgiving flag (check Michael’s, and then Party City for these)
  • If you are afraid of the dark, or even if you are not afraid of the dark, get a Turkey night light for the bathroom or bedroom, so that you can see where you are going.