National Blueberry Muffin Day

July 11th

Okay.  This is easy.  Get together with friends and family that enjoy visiting a pastry shop or bakery.  Stay focused and ask for some blueberry muffins.  I know some of you  like your muffins warmed up, but I like mine cold.  They taste better that way to me.   Get some juice or coffee, or both.  Sit and enjoy the good company and the treats!

National Milk Chocolate Day


July 28th

I suggest that you indulge your urge for delicious, milk chocolate.   My favorite type of milk chocolate is, Hersheys, because it goes well with S’Mores.   My recommendation is that you gather your chocolate-loving friends, and perhaps go to a nearby coffee location, like a Starbuck’s.  There, I like to order a S’Mores Frappuccino.  In fact, I am having one now, as I write this.  It is excellent.


Independence Day

What is the Fourth of July?

Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July, marks the birth of America and the day the US secured independence from the British Empire.

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies of America, then at war with Britain, declared themselves to be states of a new nation.

National Fire works day is July 4th

 Fire WorksNational Fire Works day July 4th on this day u can watch  the Fire works with your families and friends and  Go out to a golf corse  or down by the Ocean  to watch them or u can watch it on TV and to decorate u can use Garland with Fire Works on on it and u can have a yard sign that says Happy National Fire Works day and u can even wear a t-shirt  that has Fire Works on it and it says Happy National Fire Works day.

National French Fry Day

On this day u can go to any fast food  place and get a oder of French Fry’s with your Cheese burgers and can also can  share it with friends and family and to decorate for this holiday u can use lights that has French Fry’s on it and u can also have a Garland that has French Fry’s on it and u can also have a yard sign that u  can put in your yard that says Happy National French Fry day and u can even have light sign in your window that has French Fry’s on it and it says Happy National French Fry’s Day.

National Ice Cream Day



July 16th

Well this is a really tough day…. to celebrate.   So suffer through the day, invite some friends to go for ice cream at your favorite ice cream shop.  My favorite flavors are vanilla and chocolate chip cookie dough.  Yum!  Lighting with ice cream cones is always “sweet.”  And, I really like my very own, giant ice cream cone lamp.  Check it out:




National Hammock Day


July 22nd

Wow.  A great day.  Buy or get out your hammock.  Hang out in your hammock.  Invite your friends over and take turns laying in the hammock.  Make some snacks.  Have some delicious drinks.  Relax.  And then relax again.  You might even take your hammock to a park, where you have more room to relax, and then relax again.



National Ice Cream Day


July the 19th

So, this is a pretty excellent day.   You can stop by your favorite ice cream store.  Have one, or two.  There are ice cream lights out there for purchase:  Be creative.  Drape the lights around entrances in your home and office.  Plug them in all over the place.   But most importantly, enjoy your ice cream with your good friends!


Parents’ Day



July 25th

Spend time with your parents.  If they are not with us anymore, you can talk to them in your dreams.   You might want to look up the Dia de los Muertes, or the Day of the Dead.   The Mexican culture puts up pictures and other reminders of loved ones that have died.  They create a special place for these items, like an altar.   I suggest that you follow this example.   Remember your parents’ favorite colors.  Put up lights with these colors.  Put pictures around of your parents.   With your friends, tell stories of your parents — funny ones.  Call your parents, if they are still alive and wish them a Happy Parents’ Day.


French Fries Day


July 13th

I like French Fries.  My favorite way to eat them is with ketchup.   Decorating your home can be fun, if you are creative.  I suggest that you search the Internet for French Fry lights — there are some, but they may be an advertisement for a popular food chain.   Anyway, get the lights, and put them around your place.   Light them.  Order some fries.  Get you best ketchup out, and hang around with you good friends.