National Girl Friends Day

August 1st

Today is National Girl Friends Day.  At first, I thought this was a day to celebrate with my girlfriend.  Then, I realized that today we celebrate with our girl friends – not romantic.   So I suggest that you and  your girl friends meet at a local coffee place or Starbucks.   Hang out.  Maybe go enjoy a movie together.   And then dinner.  Spend time with each other.  All of this keeps your relationship strong.   As a decoration, maybe have each girl friend bring a picture of a time spent with the other friends.  Create your own collection of pictures, and memories.

National Skyscrapers Appreciation Day

August 10th

If you live in or near a big city, go downtown and start your Skyscraper Crawl.  Bring friends that like to do unique things.   I suggest that you start by visiting the cafe in the first building.  Have a refreshment, and then take the elevator as high as you can go.  Some buildings have tighter security, but just act like you work there.   That might help.  Visit several buildings this way.   If anyone asks what you are doing, just remind them that this is National Skyscrapers Appreciation Day, and you and your friends are celebrating by visiting skyscrapers.  You might get others to join your party this way!

National S’Mores Day


August 10th

This is one of my favorite desserts.  It is a great snack around a campfire at the beach, at park, or when camping.   I prefer my S’Mores well done.  To me, they taste really good that way.   Make this a group effort with your friends.  Someone can bring graham crackers.  Someone can bring the chocolate (I prefer Hersheys milk chocolate).  And someone can bring marshmallows.  Yum!


Cheap Air Fare day August 23rd

thToday is a day to  get your ticket to plan a vacation in the Fall so to celebrate this day u can online and get a discount on Ticket for a vacation in the Fall and to decorate for this day u can put a model airplane up on your walls in your house or in @ work and at school and  in a airport  so start planing your Fall trip today from your Holiday Website worker Guy Holiday Season.

National Thrift Shops Day


August the 17th

I really like thrift shops!  There are excellent deals, and the quality is pretty good, if you take your time while shopping.   I like to shop for movies, especially classic Disney movies.  There are always some unique shirts.   I would get some of your good friends, and take a trip to a nearby thrift shop for a shopping adventure, and perhaps lunch.  Because this day often falls in the middle of the week, you will have a nice excuse for a break from your busy schedules.

National Waffle day


waffle day

National Waffle Day  

August 24th

On this day u can eat a waffle for breakfast and with bacon and  eggs and apple juice to drink,  and you can make it at home or you can go out to a local waffle house and do not forget to put Maple Syrup on it.



National Girlfriend’s Day

valentines day couple wallpaper1

August 1st

Celebrate this day with your — girlfriend.  Go to the movies.  Go to your favorite coffee house.  Just spend good, quality time with each other.  No distractions.  Think about what your girlfriend enjoys doing, and let that guide you.  You might consider some decorations.   I make sure to put out all my pictures of my girlfriend where they are visible.  I might get some flowers.  Nothing too fancy, but just a few to express my feelings for her.  If she likes chocolate, definitely have some of her favorite around for dessert.  Enjoy!


Watermelon Day


August 3rd

Well, you should eat lots of watermelon on this day.  To decorate, put up some watermelon lights.  Check out Amazon for Watermelon Lights.  They sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long.   To really celebrate the day (and make your neighbors think that you are a little “off”), find a Watermelon Flag and put it up.  You would be surprised at how easy it is to find all things Watermelon –  Like a windsock, a flag, posters  — you name it.  Just search the ‘Net.

Thrift Stores Day


August 17th

Thrift stores are fun.  There are so many neat things to buy.   I will share a secret:  I find a lot of my decorations in thrift stores, and the price is right!   To celebrate this day, buy some random things from your local thrift store.  Pick up some clothing that is fun, from the same store.  Wear these clothes and invite a few friends to  do the same.   Do an outing to a local thrift store and be sure to tell the owner that Guy Holiday sent you.

National Waffle Day

August 24

This happens to fall on Guy Holiday’s birthday!

  • Decorate your garland and wreath with waffles and syrup (small toys, of course)
  • Your lighting can look like syrup and waffles or butter (brown, yellow – yum!)
  • Nativity Scene can have people (figurines) sitting around, eating waffles