Independence Day

What is the Fourth of July?

Independence Day, also known as the Fourth of July, marks the birth of America and the day the US secured independence from the British Empire.

On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies of America, then at war with Britain, declared themselves to be states of a new nation.

National Best Friend’s Day

June 8th

This is really important.  If you can, spend time with your best friend — in person.  Or, on-line, virtually.  If you are meeting in person, consider going to a park, if the weather is nice.  Take a picnic of your favorite fun foods.   Hang out.   Listen to music. Remember your favorite times together.  Laugh.   Cry.  And make plans to get together again really soon.

National Corn on the Cob Day

June 11th

Well this can be a very fun day.  I really like corn on the cob.  It’s healthy.   Be sure to have a variety of toppings available, when you invite your friends over to celebrate this day.   I like my corn cooked on the BBQ.  Very tasty.   I have had some trouble finding corn on the cob lights, but I did locate some interesting shades and light bulbs that look like corn.  You can always use yellow decorations, with green coloring to mimic a corn on the cob.  The important thing, of course, is spending time with your friends and family, enjoying this healthy food.

National Flag Day

June 14th

I like this day.  Celebrating our flag is important.   This is an easy decoration project.  You can use your July 4th decorations, for sure.  I would even put some flag lights around your windows at home or at work, or school.   If you want to share a treat, have a local bakery make a cake with a big United States of America flag on it, one that says, “Happy National Flag Day!”  You are welcome to celebrate other flags, of course.   Being patriotic is a good thing.

National Teacher’s Day

May 9th (Tuesday, first full week of May each year)

I suggest treating your favorite teacher to Starbuck’s.   If you are in Southern California, you should visit me at Michael’s.  We have all kinds of things that teachers need to do their work.   And, teachers get a discount!   I recommend bringing flowers to your teacher, male or female.  That is a nice way of saying how much you appreciate them.   Remember, this date changes from year to year.  It is always the first full week of May, on Tuesday.


National Waiters and Waitresses Day

May 21st

Visit your favorite restaurant and be extra nice to the servers and staff.   I would bring two of my favorite foods as a treat for the waiters and waitresses:  a grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate.  Pretty good!   Thank them for their services.  Leave a generous tip.   Invite them to a future social event or party, so that they will become one of your good friends.

National Prime Rib Day

April 27th

To celebrate this holiday, go to a favorite steakhouse.  Order a prime rib with mashed potatoes.  Go with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or your family members.   I like my prime rib cooked medium rare.   My favorite steakhouse is Black Angus.   To keep your meal healthy, start with a salad.   I prefer a Caesar’s salad.  You can have dessert, just exercise a little more that day.  My favorite dessert is Red Velvet cake!  Yum!

National Garlic Day

April 19th

My favorite garlic-type food is garlic bread.   It goes well with spaghetti.  I plan to invite friends over for dinner, so we can enjoy this combination of excellent food.  I am sure you know this already, but garlic is a natural medicine, of sorts.  It can help with your aches and pains.  It is good for your heart and vascular system.   The only downside is how garlic affects your breath.  This could be a problem, unless you have your friend also share in the meal that has garlic.  That way, both of you can enjoy the garlic, and won’t really notice the smell of garlic on each other’s breath.


National Walk to Work Day

April 7th (First Friday of April)

On this day, I plan to skip ACCESS and walk to my place of employment.  Whew!  This is about 5 miles.  I walked home from my work a little while back — accidentally.  My ride didn’t show, so, I walked.  Took me 2 hours.  I was tired, but I enjoyed the walk.  I would like to do this again.  I recommend walking with a friend.  It is not only safe, but fun.  As you are walking home, stop at your nearby Starbuck’s and have your favorite drink.  Mine is always a Red Velvet Frappuccino, unless it is in the Fall or Winter, then I prefer a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino.


National (Working) Women’s Day


March 8th

This is a special day.  Women do so many important things for us.  Right now, I am at a Starbuck’s, enjoying one of my favorite drinks — a Green Tea Frappuccino.  Guess who took my order and made my excellent drink — a woman.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the owner of this Starbuck’s is a woman.  Makes a lot of sense to me.  I would celebrate this day with your friends, men and women.  Tell your women friends how much you appreciate what they do for all of us.  Treat them to something nice.