Ice Cream Day

December 13th

Okay, I know that a lot of you already celebrate National Ice Cream Day in July (3rd Sunday).  In fact, I know that you are aware of President Reagan’s designation of July as National Ice Cream Month.   But, for some reason, there is an Ice Cream Day in December.  Go figure!   To me, having another Ice Cream Day makes perfect sense.  We have another excuse to celebrate and enjoy one of my favorite desserts — Cookies and Cream Ice Cream!   Take a special friend out for ice cream on this day.  Always fun.   Keep up the Holiday celebrating!

Santa’s List Day

December 4th

Today, Santa and his elves come up with 2 lists.  One short list for those children that have been naughty, and a longer second list for those that have been nice.   Which list would you be on?   I suggest that you use this day to make your own gift list.   Santa can take of his lists.  You can perhaps get together with friends and family.  Get an idea of what they might want for Holiday gifts or ideas.   Celebrate the start of the Holiday Season by sharing something special, like Egg Nog Frappaccino and maybe just a few delicacies.  I like cinnamon rolls.   Remember, gifts can be actions and items.   Maybe a neighbor needs help in their yard, or assistance with a chore.   Be creative!


Go For a Ride Day

November 22nd

As the Holidays approach, you are going to need to take some time to gather yourself, relax, and exercise a bit.  National Go For a Ride Day gives you that opportunity.   Of course, I like to visit a Starbuck’s.  I suggest that you gather up a few friends, who are also interested in going for a ride.  Maybe take a train to another town.  Not too far from me is downtown San Diego.  The trip is by the Pacific Ocean.   Great views.  Just take advantage of spending time with those you enjoy, doing something different.

Dia De Los Muertos

November 1st and 2nd

Traditionally, these are the days that Mexicans celebrate those that have died.  The mood is festive.  I suggest that you go to an area where there are Mexican shops.   Near me, there is the Arts District in downtown Santa Ana.  Take a few friends, and some family members.  Maybe indulge in some pan dulce and coffee, before shopping for decorations.   Decorations often include colored replicas (small) of human skulls.  Take these decorations to your home or work, and create a special area, with pictures of those that have died.  Use candles, and maybe leave a few treats.  Think about the good times that you had with your love ones.


National Girl Friends Day

August 1st

Today is National Girl Friends Day.  At first, I thought this was a day to celebrate with my girlfriend.  Then, I realized that today we celebrate with our girl friends – not romantic.   So I suggest that you and  your girl friends meet at a local coffee place or Starbucks.   Hang out.  Maybe go enjoy a movie together.   And then dinner.  Spend time with each other.  All of this keeps your relationship strong.   As a decoration, maybe have each girl friend bring a picture of a time spent with the other friends.  Create your own collection of pictures, and memories.

National Skyscrapers Appreciation Day

August 10th

If you live in or near a big city, go downtown and start your Skyscraper Crawl.  Bring friends that like to do unique things.   I suggest that you start by visiting the cafe in the first building.  Have a refreshment, and then take the elevator as high as you can go.  Some buildings have tighter security, but just act like you work there.   That might help.  Visit several buildings this way.   If anyone asks what you are doing, just remind them that this is National Skyscrapers Appreciation Day, and you and your friends are celebrating by visiting skyscrapers.  You might get others to join your party this way!

National Walk to Work Day

April 6th (First Friday of April, Each Year)

The US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mr. Tommy G. Thompson, started this day.  I really like the idea of walking to work for exercise.   I suggest you and your friends walk to work, after stopping at you favorite coffee shop.  Then, walk home after work.  Exercise is very good for us.  I try to exercise 5 times per week.   Good idea to make walking to and from work a regular habit.  Don’t you think!

National Beer Eve Day

April 7th

This is very interesting day.  The day celebrates the end of Prohibition.   The effective date was April 7th, but President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed into law the Cullen-Harrison Act.  This effectively ended Prohibition.  Americans lined up at bars the evening before April 7th (National New Beer’s Eve) so that they could be among the first to drink beer, just after the stroke of midnight.  Personally, I don’t drink alcoholic beer.   I suggest that you have a beer with friends.   Maybe at a local pub or restaurant.   Have a designated driver.  Cheers!


National Pretzel Day


 April 26th

Did you know that the first Pretzels were modeled after children’s arms, folded in prayer?   I like Pretzels.   I favor bigger Pretzels, with a little more dough.  I like salt.  Nothing more.   On this day, invite friends to sample different types of Pretzels.   Maybe watch a movie together, and try different ways to eat Pretzels.


Eat a Read Apple Day

December 1st

I like apples.   They are good for you, and they are sweet.   I really like to combine my apple slices with peanut butter.   I suggest that you invite some friends over on this day.  Ask them to bring their favorite apple treats.  Share them.   Maybe take some time to visit an apple orchard so that you can do some apple picking.  Always fun!