About Guy

Guy & The Blue FlameHi. I am Guy Holiday. Welcome to my web page. You are welcome to look at all of the Holidays on my webpage. You will find ideas about how to decorate for each Holiday, even the smaller Holidays.

I am sharing this information because I really love the Holidays. I have loved the Holidays ever since I was a little kid. My favorite Holiday is Christmas, because I get to go up on the roof with my mom and put up Christmas lights. It is safe up there, because I wear my hard hat and my tool belt. I wear my jeans and my construction shirt. It is not as scary as it sounds!

I am also giving you places to shop for your Holiday decorations. Click on the Supply Stores part of my home web page. I have personally visited these stores and can vouch for their quality and fair prices!

Finally, I have a Blog. I will address questions about Holidays and talk with you more, online, about your own Holiday decoration ideas.

Thank you so much for visiting my web page!!

Guy Holiday